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“MAARG” -Mentorship Program


  • MEET Your Mentor “ANYTIME”
  • MEET Subject Expert Faculties “WEEKLY”
  • MEET Subject Expert Faculties “WEEKLY”
  • MICRO Scheduling – “Daily, Monthly, Quarterly”
  • MINDFULLY Designed Learning Bits “FACT BANK”
  • METHODICALLY Targeted Answer Writing Sessions
  • METICULOUSLY Designed GS Answer Writing Workbooks

MEET Subject Expert Faculties “WEEKLY”

Stay ahead in your preparation with our weekly sessions with subject expert faculties. These sessions are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and clarify complex topics across all subject areas. Regular interactions with experts ensure you are always updated with the latest information and well-prepared for your exams. Our faculty members are highly experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge, making these weekly sessions invaluable for your academic growth.

MEET with Eminent Bureaucrats “PERIODICALLY”

Gain insights into the practical aspects of public administration and governance by meeting with eminent bureaucrats periodically. These interactions provide a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of successful bureaucrats. Their guidance can inspire and direct you towards a successful career in the civil services. Understanding the real-world applications of your studies can be a significant motivator and provide a clearer picture of your future role.

MICRO Scheduling – “Daily, Monthly, Quarterly”

Our meticulously planned micro-scheduling system ensures that your study schedule is broken down into manageable daily, monthly, and quarterly tasks. This structured approach helps you consistently make progress, cover all necessary material, and stay on track with your goals. With detailed scheduling, you can manage your time effectively, avoid last-minute cramming, and ensure a comprehensive understanding of all topics.

 MINDFULLY Designed Learning Bits “FACT BANK”

Our fact bank is a treasure trove of mindfully designed learning bits aimed at enhancing your knowledge and retention. These carefully curated pieces of information provide quick, easy-to-digest facts that are crucial for your exams. The fact bank helps you study efficiently, making complex information more accessible and easier to remember. It’s an essential tool for efficient revision and knowledge consolidation.

METHODICALLY Targeted Answer Writing Sessions

Developing excellent writing skills is crucial for scoring high marks in civil services exams. Our methodically targeted answer writing sessions focus on teaching you how to construct well-organized, concise, and impactful answers. These sessions are designed to improve your writing techniques, helping you articulate your thoughts clearly and effectively. Practicing under guidance ensures that you can present your knowledge confidently and coherently in the exam.

 METICULOUSLY Designed GS Answer Writing Workbooks

Our General Studies (GS) answer writing workbooks are meticulously designed to help you practice and perfect your answer writing techniques. These workbooks contain a variety of questions and model answers, providing you with ample practice to excel in your exams. Regular use of these workbooks will boost your confidence and ensure you are well-prepared to tackle any question with precision and clarity. The workbooks are an essential resource for mastering the art of answer writing.

By incorporating these comprehensive features, the MAARG mentoring program at SAARTHI IAS aims to provide a holistic and effective preparation strategy for aspiring civil servants.