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SAATHI (Saarthi Assistance for Advance Redirection) for Sociology 


  • For candidates requiring specialized mentoring assistance, guidance and supervision in Sociology optional
  • Same day discussion,analysis and evaluation of the test.
  • Availability: ONLINE and OFFLINE MODE 
  • Personalized weekly “P2P” mentoring sessions with the faculty after the test.
  • Topic wise hand holding and assistance in understanding, in depth analysis and notes making based on unique 6 i approach- “MICRO MENTORING”
  • Limiting the learning paradigm to examination needs –EXAMABLE APPROACH.
  • Personalized rescheduling of the test available- “FLEXIBILITY”.
  • 20 TESTs (15 Sectional tests+ 5 full length tests)

Sociology Optional Test Series for UPSC IAS Mains Exam with SAARTHI IAS

The UPSC IAS examination is one of the most prestigious exams in India, opening doors to a rewarding career in the civil services. It is a testament to an aspirant’s dedication, intelligence, and preparation. One of the significant aspects of the IAS Mains examination is the optional subject. Sociology has emerged as one of the most preferred optional subjects for its relevance to contemporary society and its inherent appeal.

If you are one of the aspirants who have chosen sociology as their optional subject for the UPSC IAS Mains exam, you are not alone. The increasing number of candidates opting for sociology underscores the importance of being well-prepared. This brings us to the significance of the sociology test series 2024.

Why SAARTHI IAS’s Sociology Optional Test Series?

For those preparing for the UPSC IAS Mains exam, regular testing is not just recommended, it’s essential. Regular assessments offer a clear picture of where you stand, and with the sociology optional online/offline test series offered by SAARTHI IAS, candidates have a reliable method of gauging their preparation.

SAARTHI IAS is a beacon of excellence in the realm of IAS preparation. Offering both ONLINE and OFFLINE modes of test series, it provides flexibility to the aspirants. But what sets SAARTHI IAS apart in the vast sea of institutions?

Precision & Relevance: SAARTHI IAS has a meticulous approach to curate the best sociology test series. Every question and case study is crafted keeping in mind the changing patterns of UPSC and the dynamic nature of sociology as a discipline.

Expert Feedback: Just attempting the test series isn’t enough. SAARTHI IAS ensures detailed feedback for aspirants to pinpoint their strengths and areas of improvement.

Flexibility: Recognizing the changing times, SAARTHI IAS offers both sociology optional online test series and offline modes. This ensures that aspirants can practice as per their convenience.

Comprehensive Coverage: The sociology mains test series covers the syllabus exhaustively, ensuring that no topic is left untouched. From classical theories to contemporary issues, aspirants get a holistic rehearsal before the D-day.

Consistent Learning: The UPSC syllabus is vast. Regular testing ensures that aspirants are always in touch with every topic, especially within the sociology optional.

Time Management: One of the major hurdles in the IAS Mains is managing time efficiently. By consistently appearing for the sociology mains test series, candidates can enhance their speed and accuracy.

Enhanced Confidence: Facing the actual UPSC exam becomes less daunting when you’ve simulated the experience multiple times. The best sociology test series not only tests knowledge but also builds confidence.

Reinforcing Concepts: Regular testing and revision reinforce key concepts. The more you test yourself, the stronger your retention becomes.

Why Sociology as an Optional Subject?

Sociology offers a deep dive into the intricacies of society, its institutions, and individuals. The subject’s appeal lies in its relevance to real-life situations, problems, and their solutions. Moreover, the UPSC syllabus for sociology is more defined and limited compared to other humanities subjects. Thus, a well-structured sociology UPSC test series becomes imperative.

Unlocking Success with the Best Test Series for Sociology Optional

For many aspirants, the choice of optional can be a game-changer. The strategy should be to not only understand the subject but also to present answers that resonate with the expectations of the UPSC. The right guidance, structured practice, and constructive feedback can bridge the gap between a good attempt and a top rank.

SAARTHI IAS, with its commitment to excellence, has continually endeavored to be that bridge for countless aspirants. The institution believes in empowering candidates with the right tools, resources, and guidance to unlock their potential.

The UPSC IAS Mains examination is not just about knowledge; it’s about the right strategy, practice, and presentation. By opting for the sociology optional and gearing up with SAARTHI IAS’s test series, aspirants are making a decision that can pave their way to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) and beyond. Whether you prefer the traditional offline mode or the contemporary online test series, SAARTHI IAS has got you covered.

Join the league of IAS toppers by commencing your sociology optional journey with SAARTHI IAS. Let your dedication and SAARTHI IAS’s expertise come together to make your UPSC dream come true.

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