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SAATHI (Saarthi Assistance for Advance Redirection) for General Studies


  • For candidates requiring specialized mentoring assistance and supervision in general studies.
  • Same day discussion,analysis and evaluation of the test.
  • Availability: ONLINE and OFFLINE MODE 
  • Personalized weekly “P2P” mentoring sessions with the faculty after the test.
  • Topic wise hand holding and assistance in understanding, in depth analysis and notes making based on unique 6 i approach- “MICRO MENTORING”
  • Limiting the learning paradigm to examination needs –EXAMABLE APPROACH.
  • Personalized rescheduling of the test available- “FLEXIBILITY”.
  • 30 weekly sectional test ( including full length tests)


In the challenging journey of the UPSC IAS examination, preparation is the key to success. While self-study plays an undoubted role, real progress often stems from structured guidance and consistent practice. This is where the GENERAL STUDIES (GS) TEST SERIES for UPSC IAS MAINS EXAMS provided by SAARTHI IAS can make a crucial difference.

Understanding the Significance of General Studies (GS) in IAS Mains One cannot emphasize enough the weight that GENERAL STUDIES (GS) holds in the UPSC IAS exam.

Comprising a broad range of topics from history to current events, the GS portion tests an aspirant’s comprehensive awareness of various subjects. With the vast curriculum of the IAS examination, it is the CURRENT AFFAIRS and the GS sections that often become the differentiators for successful candidates.

Why Opt for the SAARTHI IAS General Studies Test Series?

Choosing the right test series can be the difference between success and another year of preparation. The SAARTHI IAS test series is methodically curated to encapsulate all aspects of the IAS mains syllabus.

1. Holistic Coverage: Our test series offers an exhaustive range of questions from every nook and corner of the GENERAL STUDIES (GS) syllabus, ensuring you miss out on no topic.

2. Emphasis on Current Affairs: Keeping in mind the significance of CURRENT AFFAIRS in the UPSC IAS exam, our test series integrates the most relevant and latest events, making sure you’re always a step ahead.

3. Both Online and Offline Modes: We understand the varied needs of IAS aspirants. Whether you are comfortable with the traditional OFFLINE mode or prefer the ONLINE approach’s flexibility, SAARTHI IAS has got you covered.

4. Mock Tests for Real Exam Feel: MOCK TESTS are strategically placed within the test series to simulate the actual exam environment, aiding in diminishing exam-day anxiety and ensuring that you are well-prepared.

Relevance of Test Series in IAS Preparation For the uninitiated, a TEST SERIES is not just a set of questions to test one’s knowledge. It is a mirror reflecting your preparation level, showing areas of strength and highlighting sections needing improvement.

Especially in an examination as competitive as the UPSC IAS, mock tests play a pivotal role in fine-tuning your strategy.

Why SAARTHI IAS stands out?

Established with a vision to guide UPSC IAS aspirants, SAARTHI IAS has always prioritized quality over everything else. Our commitment to nurturing the dreams of young India has constantly driven us to innovate and offer the best resources for IAS preparation.

Tailored Feedback: Beyond just evaluating, our experts provide personalized feedback, pinpointing areas to focus on.

Up-to-date Material: The dynamic nature of CURRENT AFFAIRS demands an ever-evolving approach. At SAARTHI IAS, we make sure our material reflects the latest happenings around the world.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Whether you opt for our ONLINE or OFFLINE mode, we ensure that the resources are available to you as per your convenience.

Integrated Approach to Learning: One unique aspect of the SAARTHI IAS test series is its integrated teaching methodology. This isn’t just about testing what you know but enhancing your knowledge at each step. Our questions often come with detailed explanations that not only tell you the right answer but also elucidate the ‘why’ behind it. This approach ensures that every mock test becomes a learning session in itself.

Varied Question Types: UPSC IAS exams are known for their unpredictability. At SAARTHI IAS, our TEST SERIES mirrors this unpredictability. We ensure that aspirants are exposed to a wide variety of question formats and difficulty levels, making them adaptable and agile in the face of any surprise on the actual exam day.

Interactive Learning Sessions: Our ONLINE platform isn’t just a portal to take tests. Post every MOCK TEST, there are interactive review sessions. Here, aspirants can discuss their doubts, understand common mistakes, and get insights from peers and mentors alike. This collaborative learning ensures a comprehensive understanding of topics.

Emphasis on Conceptual Clarity: While rote learning might help in some exams, the UPSC IAS MAINS demands a deep understanding of concepts, especially in the GENERAL STUDIES (GS) section. Every question in our TEST SERIES is designed to test your conceptual clarity, pushing you to understand topics rather than just memorize them.

Regular Updates on Current Affairs: The world of CURRENT AFFAIRS is ever-evolving. With our TEST SERIES, you don’t just get static questions. We regularly update our question bank to include recent events, ensuring that you’re always in the loop with the latest developments.

Affordable Learning: Quality often comes at a price, but at SAARTHI IAS, we believe in providing top-notch resources at affordable rates. We understand the sacrifices many aspirants make to chase their IAS dream, and our pricing reflects our commitment to being a partner in your journey, not a burden.

Tailored Schedules: Not every aspirant is at the same stage of their preparation. Recognizing this, our TEST SERIES comes with a flexible schedule. Whether you’re starting fresh or in the advanced stages of your preparation, our series caters to everyone.

The UPSC IAS examination is a journey, one that requires determination, consistent effort, and the right resources. With the GENERAL STUDIES (GS) TEST SERIES for UPSC IAS MAINS EXAMS by SAARTHI IAS, aspirants get a trusted partner that aids in refining their preparation, ensuring they are exam-ready. As you embark on this challenging yet rewarding path, let SAARTHI IAS be the guiding star leading you to success.

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