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 (History Optional Test Series)


  • Comprehensive test series covering the entire syllabus with 12 tests, including 8 sectional tests and 4 full-length tests.
  • Immediate discussion of the entire test paper by experienced faculty on the same day.
  • Personalized peer-to-peer interaction with expert faculty for individual attention and guidance.
  • Face-to-face analysis and assessment of test copies conducted with faculty for detailed feedback.
  • In-depth and personalized evaluation of answer sheets by faculty members to provide tailored insights and improvement suggestions.
  • Flexible mode of participation available: Offline or Hybrid, catering to different preferences and accessibility needs.

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Introducing SAARTHI IAS’s History Optional Test Series: Empowering Your Journey to Success

Introduction to History Optional Test Series

Aspirants aiming to crack the UPSC examination understand the importance of rigorous preparation and assessment. The History Optional Test Series offered by SAARTHI IAS is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive evaluation platform tailored specifically for the history optional subject.

Importance of Test Series in UPSC Preparation

Test series play a crucial role in UPSC preparation by helping aspirants gauge their readiness, identify areas for improvement, and refine their exam-taking strategies. For candidates opting for history as their optional subject, participating in a specialized test series is imperative to excel in the mains examination.

SAARTHI IAS: Pioneering History Optional Test Series

SAARTHI IAS, a renowned name in UPSC coaching, has carved a niche for itself with its pioneering approach towards test series. The History Optional Test Series offered by SAARTHI IAS stands out for its unique features and comprehensive evaluation methodology.

Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus

The test series covers the entire syllabus of the history optional subject in a systematic manner, ensuring that candidates are well-versed with all the topics and themes relevant to the UPSC examination.

Expert Evaluation and Feedback

Each answer paper submitted by candidates is meticulously evaluated by experienced faculty members at SAARTHI IAS. The feedback provided is constructive and tailored to help candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Simulated Exam Environment

The test series simulates the actual UPSC exam environment, providing candidates with a realistic experience of the mains examination. This helps in reducing exam anxiety and building confidence among aspirants.

Personalized Performance Analysis

Detailed performance analysis reports are generated for each candidate after every test, highlighting their performance across various parameters. This personalized approach helps candidates identify areas that require improvement and track their progress over time.

Benefits of Joining SAARTHI IAS Test Series

  • Access to high-quality study material and mock tests.
  • Expert guidance from experienced faculty members.
  • Personalized attention to address individual learning needs.
  • Regular mock interviews to prepare candidates for the personality test.
  • Flexibility in timing to accommodate diverse schedules.

Success Stories from Previous Candidates

Many candidates who have participated in the SAARTHI IAS History Optional Test Series have achieved remarkable success in the UPSC examination. Their testimonials serve as a testament to the effectiveness of the test series in helping them realize their dreams.

Admission Process and Fees

To enroll in the History Optional Test Series at SAARTHI IAS, candidates need to undergo a simple admission process. Details regarding the admission procedure and fee structure can be obtained from the institute’s website or by contacting the admissions office directly.


Is it compulsory to attend the test series in person, or are there online options available?

SAARTHI IAS offers both in-person and online options for the History Optional Test Series to cater to the diverse needs of aspirants. You can choose the mode of attendance based on your convenience and location.

Are the test papers based strictly on the UPSC syllabus, or do they include additional materials for practice?

The test papers are meticulously crafted to align with the UPSC syllabus for History optional. However, additional practice materials may be provided to enhance your understanding of key concepts and improve your performance in the examination.

How frequently are mock interviews conducted as part of the test series package?

SAARTHI IAS conducts mock interviews regularly as part of the test series package to prepare candidates for the personality test conducted by the UPSC. These mock interviews are conducted by experienced panelists who provide valuable feedback and insights to help candidates improve their performance.

What kind of support does SAARTHI IAS offer to candidates who face difficulties in understanding certain topics covered in the test series?

SAARTHI IAS provides comprehensive support to candidates facing difficulties in understanding certain topics covered in the test series. This includes one-on-one doubt clearing sessions with faculty members, additional study material, and personalized guidance to address individual learning needs.

Does SAARTHI IAS offer any post-test series support to candidates, such as guidance for mains examination preparation?

Yes, SAARTHI IAS offers post-test series support to candidates, including guidance for mains examination preparation. This includes workshops, seminars, and personalized mentoring sessions to help candidates formulate effective strategies for the mains examination and enhance their chances of success.


The History Optional Test Series by SAARTHI IAS provides aspirants with a unique opportunity to fine-tune their preparation and maximize their chances of success in the UPSC examination. With comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, expert evaluation, and personalized feedback, SAARTHI IAS test series equips candidates with the skills and confidence needed to ace the mains examination.

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