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Offline/Hybrid - Anthropology Optional Batch

“SAFAR”(AnthropologyOptional Batch)

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Anthropology Optional Test Series (Offline/Hybrid)

Enhance Your  UPSC  Scores  with  Anthropology  Optional  Test  Series

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CATEGORY: TEST SERIES "SAATHI", Anthropology Optional Test Series

About Anthropology Optional Batch

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Courses Decription

Anthropology offers a unique perspective on society, culture, and human behavior, making it relevant to various aspects of governance and administration.

How can anthropology optional coaching help in UPSC exam preparation?

Coaching institutes like SAARTHI IAS provide structured guidance, study material, and mentorship, helping aspirants master the subject and excel in the exams.

Is anthropology optional suitable for candidates from non-humanities backgrounds?

Absolutely! Anthropology is an interdisciplinary subject that welcomes candidates from diverse academic backgrounds, including science and engineering.

What is the duration of SAARTHI IAS's Anthropology Optional Test Series?

The duration of the test series typically ranges from a few months to a year, depending on the schedule and frequency of tests.

How many mock tests are included in the test series?

SAARTHI IAS’s test series comprises a series of mock tests, usually covering the entire anthropology syllabus and simulating the UPSC exam pattern.

Is the test series available in both online and offline modes?

Yes, SAARTHI IAS offers its Anthropology Optional Test Series in both online and offline modes, providing flexibility and convenience to aspirants.

Does SAARTHI IAS provide any additional study material along with the test series?

Yes, SAARTHI IAS provides additional study material and resources to complement the test series, aiding aspirants in their preparation.

What is the success rate of candidates who participate in SAARTHI IAS's test series?

SAARTHI IAS has a commendable success rate, with many candidates who participated in the test series clearing the UPSC examination with flying colors.

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