The UPSC Mains General Studies Paper IV (GS-IV) focuses on Integrity, Aptitude, and Ethics. The UPSC GS-IV paper is one of the nine papers of the IAS Exam’s Mains Examination. This article describes the strategy, format, and scope of General Studies Paper IV of the UPSC Civil Service Main Exam.

This paper evaluates the candidate’s approach to dealing with issues of integrity and probity in public life. It also evaluates the candidate’s problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

This paper may have a minor overlap of topics with Governance and Social Justice Subjects from General Studies II in the Civil Service Examination’s mains papers, but its syllabus is largely independent of that of other GS papers.

SAARTHI IAS has incorporated an integrated approach for the prelims and separate study material for the mains for the convenience of candidates.

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Ethics in News

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